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Welcome to aiquizzes!

There are currently two components available:

You can use the knowledgbase to quickly review material from deep learning lectures.

The learning module (you need to log in to access it) is designed to help you learn the material covered in the lectures in an efficient manner. It uses spaced repetition. To learn more about how it works please consult the howto.

Additionally, the video below discusses some finer points of how aiquizzes works.

Why do I need to log in to access the learning module?

Login via email is the easiest way for the application to track your progress on answering questions. Also, in the settings after logging in, you can enable receiving an email with questions ready to be reviewed (this functionality has now been disabled). If the application were to not confirm the email address that is provided at sign up, it could lead to abuse.

Is the information I provide safe?

Contact information

Something not working right? You can reach me on Twitter.

Aiquizzes works great on mobile - you can access it on the go!