Question 9/27 v4 lecture 5

Why is it important to understand the issues around the use of metrics to track performance?


Because much of AI/ML centers on optimizing a metric. Understanding the issues that can arise when pursuing improvement of a metric is fundamental to rolling out AI/ML systems. The more we know about this area, the higher the chance our system will not act in a completely surprising (and ofen counterproductive way) and if it does, that we will be able to pick up on this behavior and implement countermeasures.

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The problem with metrics is a big problem for AI - a blog post by Rachel Thomas Reliance on Metrics is a Fundamental Challenge for AI - a paper by Rachel Thomas and David Uminsky Goodhart's law - relying on a metric makes it less reliable; when a measure becomes a metric, it ceaseto be a good measure. How Algorithms Can Learn to Discredit the Media - a blog post by YouTube's ex-engineer on unintended consequences of optimizing a metric